What we do 

We create and maintain growing spaces for food and wildlife. We’re all about bringing people together to grow, learn and share.

We’ve tend the community plot at West House Community Garden, that’s where you’ll find us. We’ve worked with other local groups to create the Kymin Community Orchard, Planters at Belle Vue Park, Stanwell Crescent Wildlife Garden, Golden Gates Fruit Garden and Cosmeston Community Orchard. We had a successful plant sale in the summer with Urban Salad Penarth. 

We are currently working on updating the planters at the railway station, making the Share Local Directory so local people can find out about all things sustainability and community in Penarth, and we host the Growing Together Gardens Network, which includes a town-wide seed and plant exchange.

We are always looking for people to volunteer with us and join in our lively community.

Why we do it

“Our mission for this time on Earth is to repair humanity’s relationship with nature.” Chief Arvol Looking Horse

We aim to support people to reconnect with the place in which they live, meeting their needs locally. Creating an environment that is clean and green, where access to nature, growing, local organic food and strong community bonds becomes part of our everyday. We prioritise community well-being over the generation of profit. We acknowledge the value of volunteering, as well as supporting the idea of good-livelihoods and recognition for the contributions local people make.

West House Community Garden

Getting together to tend the community plot, learning about growing & sharing.

Find us in the community garden at West House on Stanwell Road, every Monday from10.30am – 12pm. All welcome.

Thanks to Penarth Town Council and Gwyrddio Penarth Greening and all our volunteers.

See what we are doing at the community plot and follow us on socials.

“In the last few years I have realised how much green space benefits 
mind & body”

“We as humans have become so disconnected from nature, so much so that the harm that’s being done to it almost seems normal. I want to change that, I don’t want to be disconnected anymore. Through my research and self-discovery I have found I’m not the only one who feels this way. Amongst all the chaos the world is facing, how beautiful is it to know you’re not alone and there are people who still care.”

Naomi Burke, volunteer

Photo credit: Piotr Skoczylas

We’ve put together a map of all the green spaces around town where people are taking part in community growing and gardening activities. 

Share Local Directory

Penarth is alive with community focused groups and sustainability conscious, environmentally aware activities. There are so many good things to get involved with here. Local people are coming together and it’s making our town vibrant. We are keen on building community, so we think having an online directory where people can find out what’s happening locally is a great idea. We are just getting started. If you can help us build the directory, get in touch.

Growing Together ~ Tyfu gyda’n Gilydd

Growing Together Gardens Network

What if we all set aside a little space in our gardens or outdoor areas for growing?

We’d like to form a network of gardens around town. We’d like to see people getting together (safely, of course, and mostly online to start!) to grow local food and create spaces for nature.

Latest news

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We value working together. Thank you to Gwyrddio Penarth Greening, Penarth Town Council, Penarth Civic Society & Stol Coffee for all your support and encouragement.