On the blog today local resident and Tree Forum member, Anna Smith, talks to us about trees and wildlife.

You’ve  probably noticed by now, that the Vale has been busy planting over 150 beautiful new trees in our parks, squares, and Cliff Walk.

There are wild cherry trees, bird cherry, whitebeam, acers,  weeping birches, rowans, oaks, poplars, hawthorns, cockspurs, elm trees and many more. Once they have blossomed or are in leaf do go on a walking trail to identify them!

Some of these trees would be ideal if you have decided to plant a tree  in your ‘Growing Together’ rewilding  area, as long as you’ve got the space.

Hawthorn, cockspur, birches and rowan will all attract wildlife into your garden and could have an underplanting of dogwood, buddleja and other shrubs. If you are hoping to combine the area with wild flowers around the tree, do ensure the flowers are shade loving. 

If you do plant a tree please post a photo in the Facebook group. I would love to see it. 

NB Always check the maximum height of the variety you are buying.
If anyone would like the varieties of the trees the council has planted and the latin names we can provide these. 

Happy planting and happy wildlife.


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