Growing Together ~ Tyfu gyda’n Gilydd 2021

One Town. One Year. 100 Gardens. 

Un Tref. Un Mlynedd. 100 o Erddi.

This week we’re launching “Growing Together” to build a Network of spaces for growing and wildlife in gardens across Penarth.

Yr wythnos hon rydym yn lansio “Tyfu Gyda’n Gilydd” i adeiladu Rhwydwaith o ardaloedd ar gyfer tyfu a bywyd gwyllt mewn gerddi ledled Penarth.

What if we all set aside a little space in our gardens or outdoor areas for growing food and creating spaces for nature? We want to support people who live in Penarth to do this – it doesn’t matter how small your garden or outside space is, everyone can get involved!

Nature is in crisis – human activities are destroying the natural world, leading to the extinction of animal and plant species at an alarming rate. Over the last year we’ve all spent more time at home appreciating the green spaces we have around us. We’re also facing a climate emergency and the food we eat is responsible for a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

We want to build a network of spaces for growing and wildlife and “Growing Together” will create this new Network for our town.  

Rydym am adeiladu rhwydwaith o ardaloedd ar gyfer tyfu a bywyd gwyllt a bydd “Tyfu Gyda’n Gilydd” yn creu’r Rhwydwaith newydd hwn ar gyfer ein tref.

By joining our Network you will get information and ideas, support and advice on what you can do in your own gardens.  

Learn more and sign up to our new Growing Together network here.

We’d love to get 100 people to sign up in 2021.

Over the year we will offer a range of activities for you to get involved in including a Community buying group for compost, plant and seed swaps, cooking/eating activities, open gardens (all subject to COVID restrictions). 

Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates:

Ways to stay in touch

Any questions, email us

You can sign up for the Growing Together scheme directly here.

Happy Growing!

The Penarth Growing Community Team

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