Today on the Growing Together blog, local resident Paul Kinnersley writes about how we are helping nature in our gardens and growing spaces by developing a garden network around town.

Wildlife and our natural environment is under great threat and in a town like Penarth it can feel like there is no more room or space available for new nature reserves. 

However an exciting new approach pioneered in Felixstowe is to rethink what a nature reserve should be and instead create a patchwork of smaller areas across the town. 

Many people already try to help nature in their gardens by feeding birds, building ponds, composting and letting the weeds grow (deliberately or otherwise) but if more people did this, and we supported each other with ideas, encouragement, ‘know how’ and perhaps even some wild flower seeds then think of how much we could achieve!

For example if 100 people ‘set aside’ 3 square metres of their gardens for nature it could have a real impact.  And those with limited space can help nature on a balcony or yard with a small plant or bush or bird feeder.  Wildlife ignores our garden boundaries and – so long as our fences allow – can travel around the patchwork thus benefitting from this new space and spreading delight in nature around the town.

The Growing Together ~ Tyfu gyda’n Gilydd network will take time to develop but we can share ideas and inspiration immediately and gradually educate ourselves as to how we can develop our wildlife network.  And as more join the network the benefits will increase. 

Young and old get pleasure from garden birds, plants, butterflies and if the private gardens also help to link up the public parks then there will be benefits for all.  So join the network today and let us work together to give nature in Penarth a helping hand!

Find out more and sign up here.

Paul Kinnersley

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