This week we’ve had a lovely message from Alison – one of our Growing Together members – to share with everyone. If you’ve got a story or photos to share, please get in touch!

Hello Penarth Growing Community gardeners, 

I am sure we are all enjoying the incredible growth spurt we have seen in our gardens over the past weeks – with the warm sunny days… despite the cold nights and lack of rain.   What a joy to see all the blossoms, the trees with beautiful new leaves, the spring bulbs and flowers against the blue skies, and the first bees and pollinators. I have also seen a hedgehog!  I am certain that by leaving patches of our gardens a little wild, not using poisons, and creating ‘highways’ between our gardens (holes or gaps in fences) we will enable hedgehogs to thrive in Penarth. 

I wanted to remind everyone about the No Mow May campaign – the nationwide campaign that encourages gardeners not to mow a section of their lawns at all in May to allow pollinators to thrive.   

I am looking forward to trying this out this year!  Hope you will be able to join me 😊

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