We wrote a letter to a loved one in the future to call for political action on climate change now.

Letter to Tomorrow by Eartha, aged 10

Dear Reader

As part of our Great Big Green Week celebrations of local action on climate change, we invited local people to write a letter to tomorrow.

Letters to Tomorrow will help persuade politicians to stop stalling and put climate change on their agenda every day.

To make sure our leaders step up and take notice, the Climate Coalition will send an individual letter every day to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

It’ll put climate change and nature on their to-do list every single day, reminding them that if they want to win our votes and be on the right side of history, they need to step up.

We involved a range of people in the activity during Great Big Green Week, including:

  • School children from St Joseph’s, Victoria and Westbourne, as part of the Beach Clean event at The pier with Keep Wales Tidy, The Vale of Glamorgan Council Sustainable School Communities programme and contractors, and Project Zero, Seachangers, GPG, Plastic Free Penarth and us!

Because the future of our planet isn’t written yet.

See some of our letters here…

See the rest of our letters here.

The climate crisis is affecting our lives already, and it’s only going to get worse for the next generation unless we take action now to get it under control – because the years will tick away before we know it.

That’s why the Climate Coalition are asking everyone to write to Letters to Tomorrow. See other letters on the dedicated website here.

There’s still time for you to write your own letter to tomorrow. I’ve done one, read it here. If you do write one, send it to penarthgrowingcommunity@gmail.com so we can share on our socials, we’d love to add more to the collection.

It feels to me like the activity really brought people together around their hopes and dreams. I have a particularly fond tale about Eartha’s letter, the first you see here and our featured image. I really wanted to find out who the creator of this powerful image was, so I posted on the Penarth Parent’s facebook group to see if I could find her.

Of course, being the close community that we are, I did. Turns out, Eartha is dedicated to all things green, being active in her eco-schools group and hoping to raise awareness of cars idling around her school. An inspirational voice for our future, no doubt. She gives me hope. Well done, Eartha. Here’s the drawing she did for Penarth Climate Action at the Great Big Green Day.

Huge thanks to everyone else who took part! A lot of your letters were touching and really do highlight the importance of us taking action now, to protect our children’s futures, allay their fears and help them reach their ambitions for a cleaner, greener world.

With wishes for the future,


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