One Town. One Year. 120+ Gardens. 

Un Tref. Un Mlynedd. 120+ o Erddi.

Update! Collect your free wildflower seeds, beetroot and peashoots from Tasty Gardens, plus window sticker, from Benthyg Penarth in The Clockyard @ Rowley’s. Friday 12-3pm, Saturday 10-2pm

We’d like to encourage people in Penarth to get involved in growing!

We’d like to form a network of gardens around town, for people to grow together.  

What if we all set aside a little space in our gardens and outdoor areas for growing? What if when we looked at all the small areas together they added up to be the size of a rugby pitch? 

That would be pretty exciting wouldn’t it? That would mean we’d created a patchwork of mini meadows and food growing spaces. A bold ambition, but together we can do it!

We reckon we will start with 100 gardens (as it’d take around 2000 gardens to fill a rugby pitch). That’s 100 households taking part over a year. That sounds brilliant doesn’t it? 

Enough already, I’m in!

Space to Grow

Even if you’ve got a balcony or tiny terrace…

…theres’s always room to grow!

We’ll share top tips and advice about how to get growing in the space that you have.

What you’ll need to do to take part…

  • Grow fruit, vegetables and/or herbs in small pots
  • Grow a range of bee and wildlife friendly plants in pots or in small patches of ground
  • Create a small raised bed to grow fruit and vegetables
  • Set aside 2 or 3 square metres to support nature to thrive, leaving grass to grow
  • Set up a compost bin, install some nest boxes, create a pond, plant small hedges and trees

From 19th March we are hosting a Seed & Plant Exchange…


Online or Offline


Tell your friends and neighbours about the scheme and encourage them to get involved


Share regular updates on social media about how things are growing in your garden

Your Story

Share your story in our newsletter


Take part in activities we will arrange throughout the year

Ways to stay in touch


Over the year we will offer a range of activities for you to get involved in:

*Community buying group for compost


*Seed & plant exchange


*Cooking with produce/recipes

*Open gardens

(All subject to COVID restrictions. More info coming soon)

Garden Map

We’d love it if everyone who takes part adds their garden to the map. 

It’ll be a Google map, we will just put a pin in your garden, if you’re happy for us to do so. We hope you will be, because we think it’ll be amazing to see the dots on the map as the network grows!

One last thing…

We are hoping to find a small pot of funds so we can buy some seeds and other items to give to the first 100 people who sign up to the scheme. More news on that soon….

If you’d like to chat or get more info before you sign up, get in touch by emailing or message us on social media.

The small print.

The Growing Together 2021 scheme is being established by Penarth Growing Community, a Gwryddio Greening Penarth project with support from Penarth Civic Society & Tree Forum and other local groups. Find out more here.

Taking part is entirely voluntary. We will offer guidance and support where we can, but remember, we are volunteers too, so we are doing this out of love for our community. We will always aim to do our best. If you have queries or concerns about the project, contact GPG on

Our scheme will encourage all residents of Penarth, even those with limited space, to get involved in creating a space for growing and/or nature. Over the last 12 months people have spent more time at home and interest in gardening and growing has increased significantly. This scheme will provide support and encourage more people to get involved, helping to improve people’s physical and mental health and well-being. It will also provide benefits to the environment and to climate change.