seed & plant exchange is about taking time to share, celebrate community & the enjoyment of growing! 

We’d like to build on the success of our last seed & plant exchange, to bring you more places around town for you to swap seeds & plants with neighbours.  


Seed & plant exchange boxes are at a number of locations around town…

  • 19 Woodland Place, CF64 2EX (available everyday)
  • 24 Windsor Terrace, CF64 1AB (everyday)
  • 28 Britten Road, CF64 3QJ (everyday)
  • 21 Wood Street, CF64 2NH (everyday from 17th May)
  • 38 Grove Terrace, CF64 2NG (Wednesday – Saturday only)
  • 5 Paget Place, CF64 1DP (Saturday & Sunday only)
  • 43 Mountjoy Avenue, CF64 2SY (everyday)
  • 13 Cedar Way, CF64 3NL (everyday)

Please help yourself to the seeds and/or plants you find and leave any extra plants or seeds you have for others. 

If you don’t have anything to share, please consider leaving a donation through the door/in the donations box to support future growing projects.

Exchange at your house

Like a seed & plant exchange at your location?

All you need to do is find a suitable box to be home for the seeds and plants. You’ll need to water the plants on dry days.

Let us know so we can add your address to the list, by emailing

Also, let people know through the Facebook group too.

Happy Sharing!

You can download the poster for the box below.